About Us

About Us

Countless women are suffering from all types of emotional, mental and psychological ailments ranging from depression, anxiety, deep emotional hurts that stem from traumas such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse, separations, loss of loved ones, divorce and so many other traumatic events that women face. Sadly, some of these ailments have led to deep hurts, chaos and in some cases suicide. Nevertheless, WOMEN SPEAK, a ministry by women, for women of all ages, races and marital statuses, is actively providing resources such as transformational conferences, forums, seminars and retreats.
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Our Vision

 “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” Women Speak is a transformational movement which is raising up a remnant of women in a world affected by conflict and hurt to support the most marginalized women and help them find their place, their voice and their purpose. Women Speak provides a safe place to fellowship and receive knowledge and wisdom from women who have already surpassed similar challenges in their lives. 

Meet Our Founder

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Marisa Garcia